Product Description




Unlimited driving fun thanks to excellent grip.

The new ContiSportContact 5 is suitable for sporty cars & SUVs with sporty driving characteristics.


Product Features

  • Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions.
    When braking, the tire has a high natural frequency within the compound. Short-chain polymers in the Black Chilli compound of the ContiSportContact™ 5 react to this braking frequency and thus provide optimal energy absorption. The resulting heat shortens the braking distance on wet and dry roads.
  • Excellent road grip and safety when cornering.
    The Macro-block design of the tire’s outside shoulder provides a larger contact area, which can therefore adapt optimally to the road surface. The ContiSportContact 5 offers improved road grip and thus more safety when cornering.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and high mileage.
    At a constant speed, the vibrations in the compound are significantly lower. The longchain polymers within the compound can release the absorbed energy better, resulting in considerably reduced rolling resistance. Thus, the tire runs more easily and remains cool – for a higher mileage and a reduced fuel consumption.

Product Specification

The ContiSportContact 5 is available in a range of sizes from 17 inch upwards for cars and 18 inch upwards for SUV.

Speed index V-Y
Rim diameter in inches 17-20
Tire width 205 – 275
Series 55 – 35
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